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Simonton vinyl windows are the best in the market. Every Simonton window is AAMA Gold labeled, passing the most stringent window testing. Most vinyl windows are created with liquid form sunblock that can deteriorate over time. Our harsh sun here in Colorado can accelerate this problem. Simonton uses a powder form of sunblock that is much more resistant to the sun, protecting your window for much longer. Simonton also offers a "Double Life Time Warranty."


  • AAMA Gold Label
  • Argon Gas-Filled Double Pane Glass
  • Powder Form Vinyl Compounding
  • Double, If Not Triple, Weather Stripping
  • Sloped Sill Instead of Box Sill
  • Constant Force Balance System
  • Tilt In/Removable Sash
  • Equal Sight Lines
  • Double Lifetime Warranty

Other than your roof, your siding plays a crucial role with your exterior envelope. Having the right siding installed can ensure you keep out all the harsh weather we see here in Colorado. JamesHardie siding is engineered to withstand our climate. JamesHardie offers a fiber cement siding product that is waterproof. Moisture is the weakness of all wood-based siding. Fiber cement siding is likely to last a lifetime. JamesHardie offers many different styles, and even pre-colored products, to choose from.


  • ColorPlus Technology
  • Fiber Cement / Waterproof
  • 30-Year Limited Warranty
  • Cost Effective

Siding Styles

  • Hardie Plank
  • Hardie Shingle
  • Hardie Panel
  • Artisan

Mastic makes many different products for the exterior of your home or business. Vinyl siding and trim, shutters, fascia, gutters, and windows are just some of the solutions available. The major benefit to vinyl siding is the lack of required maintenance compared to wood siding. Wood siding requires sealing and painting on a regular basis to keep it in good shape. Vinyl siding comes pre-colored and does not need sealing.


  • Seamless / Pre-Colored Gutters
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Soffit & Fascia
  • Trim
  • Shutters
  • Windows

Stucco is one of the most resilient exterior options for your home or business. The Parex USA offers an acrylic stucco finish that prevents the stucco from drying out and cracking. The coating allows vapor to permeate from the inside wall, while remaining weather resistant on the outside. There are a variety of textures and color options for you to choose from. There may be the availability to go over your existing wood or composite siding as well. This helps to reduce the labor and waste costs that would be present otherwise.


  • Acrylic Finish / Coatings
  • Variety of Paint Options
  • Variety of Texture Options
  • Self-Cleaning Options

Preserving your siding starts with having a reliable paint or stain. Sherwin-Williams offers the largest selection of colors and quality paints. Sherwin-Williams offers paints that will keep the color longer and fade less over time. They also offer paints that can dry and cure in a fraction of the time, which is ideal during the rainy times of the year.

Paint Options

  • Emerald
  • Duration
  • Rejuvenate
  • Resilience
  • Super Paint
  • A-100

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